Hi, I'm Justin Etzine, and I'm running to be your next Grand Marshal! I’m a third-term senator for the Class of 2018 who believes that each and every student has an inherent right to representation. In my role in the Student Senate, I work hard to represent the student body as effectively as possible.

Currently, I serve as the chairman of the Student Senate’s Student Life Committee. The committee ensures that students have the resources for the best possible, well-rounded RPI experience, and also advocates for and protests student rights. Some recent projects include a set of recommendations for residence hall improvements based on student feedback, an access proposals for multiple points of entry in residence halls, and recommendations for the upcoming renovations to the student handbook.

Last year, I served as the chairman of the Web Technologies Group, where I worked to expand upon the technological services offered to benefit RPI students. Some of these services are Shuttle Tracking, RPI Petitions, and Concerto. I am also working to educate and empower voters with the development of the new elections website. This new and improved service gives students the opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s activities and platform.

Outside of Student Government, I participate in RPI TV, where I have previously served as business manager and facilities and equipment manager, and RPI Ambulance, where I am training to serve on night crews. I’m also a resident assistant for Barton Hall, where I have had the opportunity to instill in my residents the same love for RPI that drives me everyday. Through these outside involvements, I have experienced many aspects of campus, all of which have provided valuable ideas and insights that I have been proud to incorporate into my representation of the students.

During the campaign, I will be making my way around campus to ask for nominations, answer questions, and receive feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the campaign trail and answering any questions you may have!