For the past three years, I have had the honor of representing and serving the RPI student body as a member of the Student Senate. Throughout this time, I have worked to improve the RPI experience for both current and future students. To build upon these efforts, I am running for Grand Marshal to continue serving the student body.

As your Grand Marshal, I will utilize my passion for RPI, my experience on the Student Senate, and my relationships across campus to enact progress with the goal of improving all facets of the RPI experience. My heavy involvement in many areas of student life while at RPI has allowed me to identify areas in need of improvement. For each of these, I will fulfill the following detailed, measurable plan of action to achieve this goal.

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Priorities Matched

My pledge to represent student voices accurately and thoroughly is not just an “if elected” promise. It stands now as a pledge to all students. If you believe that there is an issue on this campus that has not addressed by the student government or in my platform, send me an email at, and I will honor my commitment by addressing the concern as soon as possible, including with the current Student Senate and Grand Marshal.